10 Best Way to Lose Weight

10 Best Way to Lose Weight

Are you fat, obese or over weight? Do you always get hurt when someone calls you by such names? Have you lost your confidence and it’s difficult for you to avoid your favorite tasty food? You don’t have time for exercise in your packed routine. Your favorite dress doesn’t fit you anymore? Or you are unable to attract your spouse due to you bulky physique?

If you are suffering from any of these situations then here are some wonderful ways to reduce weight. Just by simple lifestyle changes you can be able to achieve your desired body goal.

1: self motivation and consistency

Promise yourself that you can do it with commitment and consistency. You have to be strong and know how to resist your food cravings. Losing weight is a slow process so you have to be patient and give time.

2: don’t deny food, change it.

Skipping meal is not a solution. It never helps in losing weight. Follow a healthy diet plan. Avoid junk food, fried stuff, rice and all types of flours, processed can food and high fat meat. Eating food slowly causes feeling of fullness and helps you to control your hunger.

Your breakfast should be rich in proteins, as they give energy. Breakfast should contains low caloric food such as bran bread, almonds, boiled egg whites, low cream tea or a simple glass of milk, raisins or any fruit.

Lunch should include a bowl of veggies like (cabbage , carrots , boiled beans , broccoli , baby spinach cucumber ,olives) , boiled black grams , fruits like (apple ,guava , banana , papaya ) ,grilled chicken ,yogurt cup .

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Dinner should include soups of pulses or chicken veggies. Avoid sweets completely and stop late night meals.

To cope up with cravings, you can have non sugary tea having low cream and any dry fruit. Snacks are harmful.

3: Brisk walk :

Taking a fast walk is called brisk walk, in which you are breathing hard but not gasping for air. Morning walks is difficult due to time commitments and sleep compromises. But it has best weight reduction results. 30 minutes walk per day,  tones your lower body muscles including abdominal muscles. If you can’t go for a morning walk ,you can do it in the evening. Enjoy your walk by listening to music .jump slightly while walking. Tread mill is a good option for indoor walkers.

4: 20 minutes of easy exercises

Not all exercises need heroic efforts. Slight dancing reduces stress and burn calories. Climbing stairs strengthen heart muscles and tones your body. Perform routine task while standing like watching TV, doing office work, and using laptop. Roll on the floor sometimes .It relaxes your body. Rope skipping is a good option.

5: drink water, Plenty of it !!!

Drink 1 to 2 glass of water,  30 minutes before a meal. It reduces your hunger and you eat less.  Never drink water after the meal because it results in belly bloating .  When you wake up , take 1 to 2 glass of water .it will activate your organs and washes out  your gut .  At least 12 glass of water should be consumed daily .drinking  so many ml of water will initially cause frequent urination but gradually your body will adjust and use water for good purposes like glowing of skin , calorie burning , fat decomposition etc. so keep yourself hydrated.

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Drinking lemon grass in addition to mint and cucumber water is helpful in weight loss. Honey and lemon in warm water also reduce weight when taken with empty stomach . Green tea melts body fat and increase metabolism.


Salt causes water retention and increases body weight. Avoid food which is high in sodium. soft drinks / sweetened beverages contains high content of sugar which stimulate insulin that cause fat storage in muscles . So excess sugar should be avoided.


Fiber should be included in all diet plans .constipation bloats your abdomen and stimulate many diseases. Keep yourself hydrated, pour extra virgin olive oil in salads, and use isabghol ‘’ psyllium ‘’husk, if you face constipation whenever you diet.




Stress stimulates weight gain indirectly. Checking weight on machine every day cause mental stress and demotivation. Weight is lost gradually therefore calculate your weight once in a week .


Find the main cause of weight gain by conducting medical diagnostic tests like thyroid profiles, renal profiles , liver profiles , blood sugar levels, low and high density lipoproteins , triglycerides levels , hormonal imbalances , diabetic problems under influence of doctor .Women should check for PCOs  and other reproductive system problems. Some drugs also cause weight gain so discuss it with your pharmacist before taking any drug.

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