5 best ways to reduce stress

5 best ways to reduce stress

Being Stressed  is very common these days. Our daily routine is usually filled with stress. People feel stressed while working in the offices, driving in traffic jams, studying for exams. Etc.   One must avoid it, as it is harmful to health. Stress causes diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Here are some ways to reduce stress.

1 exercise, yoga, meditation

Exercise is a great remedy to deal with stress. It relaxes your body and mind. Doing physical activity helps to release feel good hormones from your  brain called endorphins.  Studies have shown that people, who do exercise on regular basis, find a positive boost in their mood and reduction in depression. You can also try yoga. Yoga helps in relieving stress. It relaxes your body muscles and nerves.  Yoga along with meditation brings inner peace.

2 Get peer support

If you feel stressed, talk to others about it.  Get support from any family member, spouse or any close friend. Discuss your inner feelings with them. Do catharsis. They will definitely help you in some way or another. They will guide you how to cope with the stressed situations.

 3 Get to know the cause and fix it

Identify the real cause that is causing stress for you. Give time to think about the reason behind it. It may be your job or the presentation you have to prepare. It may be any financial reason that is making you worried. You just have to sort out the cause and try to fix it. You may find a simple solution to your big problem.

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4 Find time to relax

Doing work all the time, increases stress. You should give yourself some time to relax. Skip some chores from your daily routine. Avoid burdens and just sit back and relax. Our daily routines are so hectic that we don’t find any time to relax. Don’t become passive, be active. It’s you, who has to find time for our own self. Do things that you love. Read a book or a novel. Listen to your favorite songs .Watch a movie or go for shopping. Anything that makes you happy will help relieving stress.

5 Change life style and Think positive

Our lifestyle plays an important role in our lives.  A healthy lifestyle is essential for being successful. In our busy routines we neglect our sleep. We sleep late and get up early, which makes us physically and mentally exhausted. This triggers stress. Get proper sleep to avoid stress. Quit smoking or any other addiction. As these things disturb your health and if your health is compromised then dealing with stress becomes even more difficult. Positive thinking helps in producing positive vibes in the body. Try to think positive and avoid negativity to reduce stress levels.

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