Aerobics speed up Brain

Aerobics speed up Brain

Aerobics speed up Brain

 We all are aware of the benefits of exercise; it keeps you active, energetic, speed up metabolism, resist against diseases and so many other benefits. If it is quit hard for you to find some time for exercise daily, then somehow manage to work out four days a week, it will sharp all the areas of brain.

A new research has revealed that exercising four times a day cuts your risk to develop Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers used a new MRI technique for this research and they found in result that if those who are having mild cognitive impairment make a routine to exercise four times a week and continue it for six months they get increase in the brain volume.

The adults that participated in the research, they did aerobic exercise for six months and the results show they got grater gain than others.

The study’s leader investigator Dr Laura Baker, who is also in Wake Forest school of Medicine in Winston-Salem in North Carolina, said

That in the short time period they saw aerobic exercise lead to the remarkable changes in brain.

People with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) have mare risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease which affects about five million Americans today. The research was over 35 adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Two groups of participants were made, one group of sixteen adults with average age 63 years, practiced aerobic activity for six month four times a week. The other group of 19 adults with the average age of 67 practiced stretching exercises.

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The results were acquired after six months and the change in the volume and shape of the brain is measured.

Dr Jeongchal Kim who co-investigator on the study from MFSM is said that they used high-resolution MR images to measure the changes in brain both volumetric data and directional information. Comparing both groups, the results show that the aerobic group showed more positive results and more increased directional stretch of brain tissue.

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