Android Developer Scholarships are on their way to Europe

Android Developer Scholarships are on their way to Europe

Android Developer Scholarships are on their way to Europe

People who are interested in acquiring “Android Application Development Skills” will be happy to know that Google is planning to provide almost 10,000 scholarships related to Android development programs. But this good news is only reserved for the people living in Europe. The rest of the world will have to wait for some time until Google announces its next arrangement to extend their scholarship plans to the other countries.

According to the sources global media giant Bertelsmann and e-learning company Udacity will team up to administer the scholarship program. By now this program is only limited to the European countries. The program includes 9,000 scholarships for Android Basic Course (especially designed for those people who have no experience in programming). The remaining 1000 scholarships will be for those people who have at least one year experience in Java Programming.

The need for such scholarships was felt due to the deteriorating digital skills scarcity in Europe. Google’s vice president of sales and operation for Northern and Central Europe, Matt Brittin, said in Google’s Keyword blog while announcing the beginning of the scholarships. This scholarship will train the individuals in programming skills which will make them eligible to get good jobs in fast growing mobile market. This program will prove to be a grand opportunity for those people who are interested in a promising career in software development.

The due date for the people to apply for the program has been announce as 18th December, 2016.

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A free access to en e-learning course “Android Basic: User Interface” will be given to the individuals who will get a scholarship for entry level program. This is an e-learning program which is supported by the mentors from Udacity.         In the course of the training the learners will have to make two basic programs to grab their interest before they move on to get further training.

An additional three months assess will be granted to the Google’s Android Basic Nanodegree Program will be granted to the top thousand students. This program will enable the students to build simple, interactive Android Application. Moreover, apart from learning to build basic user interfaces, some of the selected students (who will be selected for the Nanodegree program) will learn some more complex technology such as handling user input, making multi-screen apps and implementation of network support in their apps.

Meanwhile the related developers will be granted full access to an Associate Android Developer Fast Track Certification program. After the end of the program, exams will be conducted. The purpose of the exams will be to examine the mastery of core skills that are necessary to make a career an Android application development. The company assures that the students who will score good grades in the exams will get job within three months.

Bertelsmann, for the beginning of the project has planned to spend more of its budget (dedicated for the training) on the skills which are related to information and communication technology.

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