iPhones’ batteries are losing their lives faster

iPhones’ batteries are losing their lives faster

iPhones’ batteries are losing their lives faster

After the deadly issues with the Note 7 (batteries going on fire) many questions were raised regarding the safety measure for the people using smartphones. Though the blame for the tragic incident was immediately thrown on the batteries but when the hazards continued even after the replacement of the batteries, the company had to recall its gadget.

Though neither of its earlier versions showed such fatal malfunction nor did it happen to any other type of smartphone ever, before or after.

But complains regarding the batteries have not ended yet. Recently many people (the iPhone 6 users to be more specific) came up to the social media with complains about the batteries of their iPhones.

According to the users, the batteries of their iPhones seem to have a plenty of life at a time but then suddenly the phone turns off.  Some of the resources are claiming that iPhone 10 update carried a bug in it which is responsible for emptying the battery much faster than its usual time.

Shutting down of the phone at any unusual time and emptying of the battery at a super fast speed may result in the damaging of the battery. Though the iPhone company Apple confesses the problem in its version of iPhones but they also claim that the problem is just limited to the few of the earliest sold handsets (that is the sets which were sold during September 2015 to October 2015). To console the people who bought the iPhone 6 in the earliest time of its launch, the company has given an offer to get the battery of the iPhone replaced without costing them any charges. Though the company claims that there are only few handsets that has showed such trouble but the reports say otherwise as the problem seems to be prevalent. Meanwhile, a Chinese company has complained that contrary to the iPhone’s claim of the problem being limited to iPhone 6, they have found that the similar kind of problem was also found in other versions of iPhone such as iPhone 6 Plus  and iPhone 6s Plus.

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No clarification about these allegations has been provided by any of the spokesperson of the Apple yet.

The latest update of iOS 10.1.1 has not been much successful as it has been creating a lot of trouble to the battery. The battery gets emptied untimely and the phone turns off at any time even when there is enough of the battery shown in the battery meter. The possible reason for this is said to be the possibility of the software carrying a bug, which will be removed or fixed in its next bug. But for now the users are turning up to the quick available solutions such as getting switched to external battery packs. For the concern of the affected iPhone users Apple has yet not announced when the new software will be updated. Though it has provided its users with some useful information about checking if their phone is affected or not, and in the case of having affected phone the best possible ways to get it returned.

Whatever measures might be taken now, but such kinds of problems are really causing damage to the reputation of Apple and the iPhones.

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