Laser will not get your Eyes stay Healthy Forever

Laser will not get your Eyes stay Healthy Forever

Laser will not get your Eyes stay Healthy Forever

Laser therapy is becoming the most sorted out therapy in the medical world. People who can afford it opt to go for it. Whether it is kidney treatment or somebody’s brain problem, Laser is chosen way of treatment for most of the times. Especially the people having any kind of problem with their eyes whether it is myopia (short sightedness) or anything else are getting prone to a LASER treatment to get rid of their glasses.

Laser was introduced as and was considered to be a risk free treatment for eyes. In LASIK surgery, a small cut is made in eye’s cornea (the outermost layer of the eye) some of the tissues are removed from this layer and it is then reshaped. Thus this reshaping procedure improves the vision of the person. It was claimed that after a LASER therapy the person undergoing through it would live a life free of glasses with no fear of getting any problem ever again. But shockingly a recent research proved the myth to be false, as a noteworthy proportion of group experiencing Laser treatment for their eyes are reported to have various side effect from the surgical procedure.

The patients going through the Laser therapy were kept under observation for sometime after their therapy, and it was observed that merely after the third month of the surgery nearly half of the people complained about having problem related to their eyes which they never had before the therapy. For example some talked about seeing glare or halos around things.

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For a detailed study of the reactions of Laser therapy on individuals, a research was conducted. People to be observed were divided in two groups. First group consisted of 263 on-duty Navy personnel with average age of 29. The second group comprised of 312 civilians with average age of 32. All the people went through a survey before they had their surgery and few times afterwards. It was observed that though people reported an improvement in their vision after the surgery but within three months of the surgery 43 percent of the people from the naval group and 46 [percent of the people from the civilian group complained about having indications like seeing double images, glare, halos or starbursts.

Though most of the people seem to be satisfied with the Laser surgery there is still a percentage of people who show dissatisfaction regarding the condition of their eyes after the surgery especially after three or four months to their surgery.

After such complains famous ophthalmologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, Mark Fromer says that after the new results he comes to the conclusion that there is no such thing as perfect surgery. But it is suggested that doctors should enlighten people who are meant to go through a Laser surgery about the side effect they might have after the surgery before they make up their final decision of getting a Laser treatment.

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