‘Last Tango in Paris’ Director’s Resurfaced Rape Scene Confession

'Last Tango in Paris' Director's Resurfaced Rape Scene Confession

‘Last Tango in Paris’ Director’s Resurfaced Rape Scene Confession

Chris Evans, Jessica Chastain and more have stood up about an as of late re-emerged meet in which Bernardo Bertolucci conceded Maria Schneider wasn’t made mindful of the critical scene preceding the day of shooting.

A standout amongst the most famous scenes of silver screen history, the Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider spread assault scene of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris, is standing out as truly newsworthy at the end of the day, 44 years after the film’s presentation.

In an as of late re-emerged video meet from 2013, Bertolucci affirms that Schneider, who kicked the bucket in 2011, did not think about the assault scene early, and that the realistic way of the scene was extemporized on set.

He said they were having breakfast with Marlon on the floor of the level where he was shooting. The executive said then that it was shocking to Maria because he did not advise her was going on.

Bertolucci said he felt remorseful in regard to how he treated Schneider, however does not lament the scene.

Nothing in the re-emerged video is news as the executive has been exceptionally vocal about his recording of the scene and how it influenced Maria Schneider in various meetings throughout the years, most as of late amid a press visit to his last film Me and You, amid which the YouTube video meeting was shot.

He communicated generally a similar assessment in a 2013 meeting with The Broadcast and said that he did not feel remorseful however she kicked the bucket he thought. He said he can not apologize for what he and Marlon did with the scene. Her feelings were genuine this is what they want.

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