Launch of a music festival “Good Fest” by Google

Launch of a music festival “Good Fest” by Google

Launch of a music festival “Good Fest” by Google

By the end of this month a music festival will be launched by Google. The festival is termed as “good Fest”. The English Indie band “Glass Animal” is scheduled to perform at the very first concert at BAM Café in New York City on November 29. This concert will be followed by four more shows in four different cities of U.S.  This festival will be live streamed on YouTube. Thus it will be the first ever festivals of such kind which will be observed by an abundant audience live all over the world.

Google is launching the festival in collaboration with Good media and Essence. Good media is a famous company which makes it own websites and issues quarterly magazines. Essence is Google’s digital agency; therefore it is widely promoting the festival.

The core purpose of the festival is said to be the promotion of Google’s new pixel Smart phone. It will be highlighted throughout the event, either by mentioning numerously every now and then or by getting the backstage activities recorded by it.

Besides the promotion of its Smartphone, The website claims that the money raised by the event will be donated to various charity organizations. According to the Good Fest website the event will be an opportunity to celebrate the integrity and the evolution of the world etc.

Gogol Bordello and D.R.A.M. will also be included in the concerts. So the festivals seem to be something must to be waited for.

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