Love your hair? Taking Care of Hair is Not a Tough Job

Love your hair? Taking Care of Hair is Not a Tough Job

Love your hair? Taking Care of Hair is Not a Tough Job

Taking care of hair is not a tough job if you love your hair. Winter has arrived and washing hair is not the part of your daily based routine, so what about the oiling?

Keeping your hair clean is the main rule in the way of taking care of your hair and the other most important thing is to avoid chemical based shampoos, conditioners, colours and other hair cosmetic products.

If your  hair are not in good condition and your are so lazy to try the different home remedies and winter is giving you scary feeling when you think about trying hair mask then you should just make a promise to your self never to wash your hair before oiling them an hour before shower time.

Oil is the medium to massage the scalp. Massaging really helps to keep your hair alive. Now the second thing is which oil is to use for the best result? And the answer is any that suits you later we will discuss the quality of different oil but every oil has its own quality if it is in pure form always avoid chemically treated oils the best is to use in its pure form.

To improve the health of your hair you should improve your internal health. Make a healthy diet routine here are some food to make your hair healthy and shinny.


Fish especially salmon, sardines, and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acid it helps the whole body but specially make hair grow.

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Eating yogurt and applying yogurt on hair both are very useful to maintain your hair in good health. It also helps in hair loss and hair thinning problem.


It keeps your hair moisturized.

Iron-fortified cereal

Hair loss can cause because of the lack of iron, fortified cereals can be a source of iron.


Egg is rich in protein; its lack can cause hair loss.

Oil for hair care

Oil is the medium to massage the hair and scalp, it also moisturize and give shine to hair and also improve the hair growth process.

Coconut oil

It is the best and powerful oil to prevent from dandruff and infections. It makes the scalp and hair healthy

Argan oil

It is the most expensive oil but it works like hair repairing treatment

Grapeseed oil

It also works as hair or scalp treatment.

Castor oil

It not only helps to fight against dandruff and hair loss it also moisturizes and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Olive oil

It repairs the damage hair; moisturize hair and scalp, hair look shinier, healthy and strong.

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