Presidential Medals of Freedom 2016: Obama’s Final Presentation

Presidential Medals of Freedom 2016: Obama’s Final Presentation

Presidential Medals of Freedom 2016: Obama’s Final Presentation

Presidential Medal of Freedom is considered to be the highest civilian honor which is solemnly presented by the president of the Nation himself to the selected people belonging to miscellaneous fields for the recognition of their work for the good of humanity, either in research, study, sports or in entertainment. This medal is awarded on the annual basis in a ceremony held in white House. People might be philanthropists, actors, writers, scientist etc.

This year the leaving president of U.S Mr. Barak Obama called for the ceremony twice. He gave his final presentation this Tuesday, where twenty one people received this award in magnificent performance including the East Wing. At the end of the ceremony Mr. Obama stated that he was touched by every person who came to the stage. He believed all those people to be those who have helped him becoming what he is. Moreover he praised the medal recipients in great words. He said that thinking about this bunch of people is useful as it makes one realize that these are the real people who have made Americans the greatest nation on Earth.

No other president of America has given as much medals of Freedom as presented by Mr. Obama. This might be the representation of the joy he feels when it comes to praise the people he admires and believes to be true heroes of the nation.

Here are the fewer of the detail about the ceremony held in White House.

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The list of the people to be awarded the Medal of Freedom started with Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, the richest couple in the world. Bill Gates has donated almost $40 billion to charity. Moreover the couple has also invested and even shared some of the government’s most important priorities such as education and climate initiatives.

Other in the list included actor Robert De Niro whom Mr. Obama claimed to be “iconic” in his characters.

While calling Mr. Jordan, the basketball player, (also acted in 1996 in a Bugs Bunny film) Mr. Obama called him “the guy from ‘Space Jam’. He also at a moment recalled a remark given to Mr. Obama by Mr. Jordan a few years back when he said him to be a hack on the green, (seeing his golf game). Mr. Obama said that Mr. Jordan was a golfer himself. Then an incident was also mentioned when Mr. Jordan signed a poster for Mr. President misspelling his name “To Barrak”.

When it came to put the medal around the neck of the basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a man so tall that Mr. Obama seemed to be troubled reaching his neck. To save Mr. Obama from the trouble, the basketball player had to lean back.

Mr. VIN Scully, legendary baseball broadcaster was noticeably amongst the recipients. Mr. Obama pretended to be mimicking him for a while in a laugh.

Other people who got the medal included

Mr. Springsteen, who hosted fund-raisers in White House;

Lorne Michaels, who created and produced “Saturday Night Live”;

Mr. Hanks and his wife, who largely donated to MR. Obama and other Democrats.

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