Safe Selfie App: Your selfie might not be your last!

Safe Selfie App: Your selfie might not be your last!

Safe Selfie App: Your selfie might not be your last!

With the increasing use of smart technology, a lot of difference in the collective behavior of the people in every society has been observed. New habits and new ways of living have been introduced. New trends have been launched. One of such new trend is the craze for selfie. Not only the youngsters or teenagers are getting the selfie phobia but the elderly people have also been widely noticed getting selfies at social or private events.

At many occasions the habit of getting a selfie seems to be pretty justified as it makes the memorable moment saved for the lifetime to be cherished in the later time. But some tragic incidents indicated towards darker or rather drastic consequences of this selfie obsession in today’s era.

Numerous deaths have been reported in the past three years while having a selfie. The frightening thing is that the number is increasing rapidly every coming year.

Research have been made on the cause of death while having selfies and it was found that people in their excitement ignore the precautionary measures and do such daring things as standing at a danger point (too high or too close to a steep end or even close to some dangerous animal).

An amazing announcement has been made by an institute of information technology, which might fascinate people obsessed with selfie craze.

It has been said that they are likely close to introduce an app that might tell the person taking a selfie if it is safe or not. In other words the artificial intelligence will work as a guide to “safe selfie”. The app will use the camera to observe the height, distance or depth. Things don’t seem to be finalized yet, but as soon as it comes out in the market. That must be the very first thing every Smartphone user must add to ones phone. That would be the next revolutionary app. It might lead to a happier, healthier and safer selfie environment for all of us (whether a selfie lover or not). So just wait and watch for the new app.

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