The brave Disney princess in town now “Moana”

The brave Disney princess in town now “Moana”

The brave Disney princess in town now “Moana”

Disney princess always spreads charm in the air. It is so entertaining to see them dancing and sometime fighting. Recently a new Disney princess has introduced itself as Wednesday in “Moana”.

The story is about an adventurous teen, she sails out to find her identity and also to save her people. In her journey she finds a fellow Demigod moui, who helps her a lot in sailing the ocean and fighting with monsters etc.

She is more than just a princess; she is brave with the heart of a warrior. The wild behaviour of sea fails to break her courage and determination.

The film Moana has spread its magic and the bravery and courage of Wednesday has really cast the spell on viewers that the movie has made more than $75 million over the five-day holiday frame.



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